Lauren & Jason

Engagement Session

 Baldwin Park & Lake Louisa - Florida State Parks



The moment i met Lauren and Jason at the Bridal show last year, i knew we will end up with absolutely amazing engagement photos. I got so excited when they won my giveaway at the Expo.  Absolutely beautiful couple inside out. They decided to break their Engagement sessions in 2  styles, one was for save the date in a urban style at my favorite place Baldwin Park  - Florida - Orlando and save  more of a romantic style in the fields at Lake Louisa - Florida State Parks for their wedding invitations. In the end we had a lot of fun creating these amazing photos..


Their Love story :


     Jason and Lauren are madly in love. Lauren is the more reserved and Jason is more outgoing. He brings her out of her shell. Jason is the most respectful and most integral man you will ever meet. In their spare time they watch movies and go to Disney World.

     They met almost 8 years ago at a church camp in Tampa, Florida. She was 14 and he was 16.  Jason and Lauren continued dating all through high school and college and she have never been more sure about anything in her  life. He has always been the one and she have always known it. They have waited almost 8 years for their wedding day and here they are.

     The proposal.... Being that they had been dating so long before he actually did propose, they had plenty of time to talk about it. She knew he had been saving and preparing but She didn't know when he bought the ring, what it looked like, or when he would propose. One day after work She came home and showered and when she went to take her dog outside there he was dressed to the nines and a beautiful ring in hand. It was not this storybook engagement but to her the commitment of engagement itself was what  she wanted not a production.



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