Lenna McCray : 

Ina was absolutely amazing. She was helpful through everything! She is so talented not only with photography but makeup too! She did both for our wedding and I can’t say enough how happy we are that we found her!



Lauren Morris:
I met Ina at a local bridal show where her presentation is flawless. Ina is not only personable and easy to talk to but she is able to capture the emotions you feel in a picture. I happened to be the lucky winner of a free engagement photo session and prior to that I booked her for our wedding, knowing without a doubt she would be the best fit for us. Ina Pandora Photography offers many customizable packages and the photo quality is amazing. Every time I emailed, texted or called Ina she always answered immediately, which is crucial when planning your wedding. Ina is also a makeup artist and also comes presentable to every meeting and event, which I think is also important especially for an upscale event. She is super flexible with scheduling, meeting and your vision which really makes it worth every penny! I would book Ina over and over again.




Lady Rose Warne:

I met Ina Pandora via facebook (saw her page in my newsfeed) and I immediately contacted her about a portrait/glamour session. I am one of those people who is very insecure since I had my second child. I gained a 100 pounds during and after pregnancy and it has been very hard for me to lose weight. Finally i said to my self, enough is enough. I need to feel beautiful!

Ina listens to her clients. I told her everything about my insecurities, my fear and my goal as a woman. She made me feel very comfortable and she made sure that everything will be alright.

She captured the best of the best of me. When i looked at the printed photos, I couldn’t believed how beautiful I am. The way I see my self is so different in someone else’s eye. I am so happy that she captured the real me. She made me look so beautiful! She helped me see the beauty in me. I am so happy that I made the decision to hire her to capture my portrait as a woman, not as an insecure one!

Also, not only that…Ina works her make up magically that no one else can! I mean who do you know that does make up and do photos that is so professionally done? Trust me! I am a professional photographer my self AND I KNOW what I’m talking about.

I highly recommend Ina Pandora Photography to all of you who are looking for a professional photography that offers high quality services! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Thanks so much Ina for healing me! I feel encourage now….to love my self!


Xiomara Leichtenberg:

Ina is an extraordinary photographer. Made us feel comfortable during our session, was very professional and she’s such a sweet person to work with. Was very creative and full of great ideas. We couldn’t be happier with our wedding pictures. We highly recommended her. Definitely amazing work!!



Christy Master:

Ina is an incredible photographer, talented and great at what she does. This is her passion and it shows. She is a pleasure to work with as she not only truly listens to you, but uses her creativity to go beyond your expectations. We used her for our engagement and wedding photos and couldn’t have chosen a better photographer. Looking forward to having more of her art displayed on our walls!




Kristin Cirricione-Bell

Ina is truly amazing and so sweet! She made us feel very comfortable and had great ideas for pictures on our wedding day. We knew immediately we made the right choice and were so excited! The pictures have come out gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much Ina!





Michelle Kimbell

Ina is absolutely amazing! She is one of the sweetest and most genuine person I have ever met. The day of our engagement shoot my hair turned into a humid, frizzy mess. Ina brought out all her hair products and flat iron and redid my entire hairstyle! Our photos came out absolutely stunning! I feel so blessed to have found such a professional photographer who not only is amazing at what she does but also LOVES people and strives to make perfection in all she does. She also did my make up, and will be doing if for the wedding! (Again perfect job) I can’t wait for the wedding and to see how those photos come out!